Spell negation that can be played from the hand where it can't be negated can be excellent, though the fact that it wastes half of your hand is not. Each one is capable of negating a different card type: monster, spell, or trap cards and/or effects by sending themselves plus one other Fairy card to the graveyard, which means they’re splashable. Armed Dragon Deck (by XXSadcasm) Injection Fairy Lily Deck; Dinosaur Deck (by Fandom User Dark Diviner Deck-Out; Synchro Cat OTK Deck (by Fandom User Dark Simorgh Deck … While this is LIGHT-DARK fairy deck, the deck seems to lack in lv4 DARK fairies. Multiple copies of Trickstar Reincarnation can be used with Droll and Lock Bird, forcing the opponent to banish their hand...and draw nothing. The card allows you to search out Airknight Parshath, Honest, another Nova Summoner, or The Agent of Force - Mars which speeds up the deck considerably. With Gellenduo and Valhalla included, it's not too hard to get out. The card is excellent as it always results in a waste of recourses for the opponent (ex: the opponent discarding a Heavy Storm to use Smashing Ground). The Agent of Force - Mars is an excellent addition to this deck as, while it's a potential liability, it can have HUGE benefits. This card may be better than the original as the original demands the destruction of all the fairies you have on the field. Use this card with Valhalla to get it's effect right away. Honest is the third component to the OTK, so it's essential as well, the card's also incredible by itself. Which Akatsuki Member Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign? Another important bit of the deck is Majestic Mech - Goryu. A collection of monsters introduced in the series Yu-Gi-Oh! --Tantara (talk) 01:57, 30 August 2009 (UTC). Bountiful Artemis is here to provide a reward for punishing your opponent. The Sanctuary in the Sky is essential in this deck, both Nova Summoner and Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin needing it. Morphing Jar allows you to replenish after a handful of traps, this card can get you 5 new cards, making it invaluable to a slow deck such as this. Notes: I'm making a competitive fairy deck composed of some agents and Master hyperion. Forced Back also removes the threat of rogue Monarchs. They could easily special summon from hand, placing multiple level 4 monsters on … A Chaos Counter Fairy deck is a Counter Fairy deck that has included DARK monsters such as Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord and Dark Voltanis. Each Canvas spell or trap grants effects to the monster in the same column, but also adjacent columns—all of which are activated the same way: they banish themselves to activate the new effect. Similar to how Dark World decks revolve around Grapha, Agent decks revolve around a monster known as Master Hyperion, who is possibly the strongest fairy monster in Yugioh. Fairies later gained support from the Surge of Radiance structure deck, a structure deck revolving around fairies that introduced new, critical fairy support such as Gellenduo, Nova Summoner, Harvest Angel of Wisdom, and others. Shining Angel - A light searcher, recyclable by Pot of Avarice and is Mudora/Athena fodder. Dark Valkyria - The DARK version of Dunames Dark Witch. Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen is self-explanitory, it's the whole point of the deck. Equip this to Neo-Parshath and this card is amazing. Inferno Reckless Summon is an interesting little toy in this deck, use it with Celestial Transformation to get out all three Saturns for a possible OTK or get all three Honests. This card is a synchro version of The Agent of Force – Mars. While the self-destruction effect is a setback, you'll usually win the turn you play this card. The big boss of the deck though is Cyber Angel Vrash, a level 10 monster that can destroy all monsters special summoned from the opponent’s extra deck, dealing out 1000 damage for each one destroyed. This is one of the largest fairies out there that pierces to boot. Meltiel, Sage of the Sky - This is the card that combines the Sanctuary Deck and the Counter Fairy Deck. This card can be special summoned via Nova Summoner. This card could easily get up into the ten thousands in a good build. This is excellent in Valhalla Rush decks as it's a level 8, meaning that it can be discarded for Trade-In AND it can run over cards like Gladiator Beast Heraklinos and Judgment Dragon. Athena is one of the three main components of the OTK, so as many copies as possible should be run. Drastic Drop Off - For Counter Fairies. A Saturn OTK deck's win is pulled off via tributing The Agent of Judgment - Saturn for a massive ammount of burn damage. This card provides the speed that fairy decks usually lack. Ancient Sacred Wyvern - A synchro card from ANPR, this card uses the original idea of Life Points difference to make it’s ATK huge. Guardian Angel Joan is the best way to get lifepoints to power up your agents. However, Artifacts had the special ability to set themselves in the spell and trap zone, then when they were destroyed by either player, they could special summon themselves to the field, and activate an additional effect. The card is excellent at thinning (drawing through/milling)the deck. On top of being a possible one turn kill card, this is a beneficial in cutting down your opponents life points and resurrecting dead monsters (tribute a Marshmallon to get a Airknight Parshath). The focus of the deck is on burn damage, with each card inflicting damage for some reason or another, until the opponent takes burn damage no matter what. This card can still be useful this format, showing why it's included in this build. Honest is self explanatory, it's especially useful in this deck due to Parshath's low attack. Call of the Haunted is a staple in most decks, this can allow you to retrieve a Saturn for some instant burn. I can swap out a fairy on my field for one in my graveyard. One of the best advantage makers in the game. TCG Player-Built Collectible Card Game Decks. Gellenduo is an excellent stall card in this deck and a good beatstick. Recently, however, most of the Strike of Neos fairies were reprinted in the Crossroads of Chaos Special Edition and the Dark Legends booster pack, allowing fairies to become a powerful decktype. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Neo is included as it's very easy to get out while benefiting from the deck's theme. With the limitation of Solemn Judgment, Counter Fairies took a huge hit; one of their best counter traps was taken away from them. You can use this card with AThena to inflict continuous, growing damage. This card is highly succeptable to spell/trap destruction such as Gladiator Beast Bestiari and Heavy Storm. Other early fairy support cards included Asura Priest, Mudora, Guardian Angel Joan, and Shining Angel, the light searcher. due to its Light Attribute Type, which makes powerful decks easy to create. Aria the Melodious Diva, for example, stopped Melodious monsters from being targeted by effects or destroyed by battle, while Elegy stopped them from being destroyed by card effects period. Non the less, this is an excellent way to keep Bountiful Artemis alive for as long as possible. Or get the opponent to use a solemn. As the deck is low on DARK monsters that you'll want to tribute, Voltanis will mostly sit in your hand until you can discard it with Trade-In or Special Summon it via Valhalla. Remote Duel - TCG Invitational Dinosaur Deck: Sam Arunnaveesiri 1st Place True King Dino $633.20 August 2020 Yu-Gi-Oh! Cyber Valley is a perfect addition to the deck, it allows you an extra turn and can be set up quickly via Shining Angel and Nova Summoner. Thunder King Rai-Oh - An excellent LIGHT card that, while not a fairy itself, provides fairy decks with a powerful beatstick and gives fairies a last resort button against cards like Dark Armed Dragon and Gladiator Beast Gyzarus. Though it can waste half of your hand, negating a judgment dragon may be worth it. Harvest Angel of Wisdom - A card to get back any counter trap card in your graveyard. 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Their two most powerful spell cards are Ride of the Valkyries, which special summons multiple Valkyrie monsters from their hands at the cost of shuffling them back into the deck during the end of that turn, and Mischief of the Time Goddess... which simply “skips” to the next turn, negating the cost of Ride. It can be tributed for any monster in the deck as well. Layard the Liberator - An excellent recursion card in RFP Fairy. Though the double tribute fodder is nice, it’s true gift is that it can’t be destroyed by battle. This is a very fun Structure Deck, though I doubt it will have much competitive impact, it is still a good one. Gellenduo is a wall/tribute bait for Neo. Another Tethys-friendly card that is included in this deck is Hand Destruction, while not a card that I usually approve of, this usually ends up in gaining at least a card for the hand while Tethys is out. Not a very popular card as Threatening Roar and Waboku are far superior. This is the card that started off the Counter Fairy decks. As the new essential fairy support were all secret rare, fairies became unpopular due to their cost. Burial from the D.D. This card can be used in RFP fairies, though it's not as useful as Freed the Brave Wanderer. This is another staple in Counter Fairy decks. This is an example of a Chaos Counter Fairy deck. Here's an example of a Coutner Fairy deck. Herald of Purple Light - This card is the second best of the Heralds, though still not very good. Athena Fairy Burn Deck List: Here is an Athena Fairy Deck, it's pretty fun, not to much competitive but if you play good, it is super awesome. This is a very effective card to hamper your opponents strategies that utilizes draw power (such as DARK synchro variants today), Please know that, while I can not stop you from it, I do discourage netdecking. Yu-Gi-Oh Cards 5D's - Structure Deck - LOST SANCTUARY 4.4 out of 5 stars 132. Splendid Venus is in here to help Bountiful Artemis to survive longer and to ensure that your opponent does not counter your counter trap cards. I, personally, love this card as it can completely disrupt your opponents hand at no cost. Valhalla is here in the event that you have no monsters on the field, if this were to occur, you could use it to summon out huge beatsticks such as Darklord Zerato or use it to get Dark Valkyria's effect. It helps that Gellenduo and … Pot of Avarice is essential in this deck, this card gives the deck a draw card while allowing you to help retrieve your lost Honests, Nova Summoners, and Shining Angels. Venus can be summoned through Gellenduo or can be discarded (along with Van'dalgyon) for Trade-in. The point of the deck is to create a difference between your lifepoints and your opponents to power up your cards. This card probably won't be worth the two cards you used to summon it, it's better to summon a monster such as Stardust Dragon or Collosal Fighter. The deck itself is based on Flip Summoning, which is a huge weakness in the modern era because most decks are able to destroy a monster without ever attacking and making it flip face up. There are many Fairy Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh! Call of the Haunted is a staple card in most decks, it'll be very well protected due to the counter traps so you don't need to worry about using it. Gellenduo's wall-like effect is also very nice to have. Attack last with this card to ensure maximum results :D. The Agent of Judgment - Saturn - A possible OTK card, get your lifepoints to twice the opponents and you win. Honest is a staple in LIGHT decks, so it must be run. Freed the Brave Wanderer is one of the most important cards in this deck, it removes fairies as well as potentially devastating obstacles. One of their scariest cards is Trickstar Reincarnation, which forces the opponent to banish their entire hand and draw a new one. This bypasses this weakness. This card, though not a fairy, can destroy almost any present threat. Aegis of Gaia and Secret Barrel are here to make a gap between your opponent's lifepoints and yours. The big card to this deck was Master Hyperion, a level 8 monster with 2800 ATK which could summon itself by banishing an Agent from the hand, field, or graveyard. As Nova Summoner can get an Airknight when destroyed and Sanctuary is out, Airknight Parshath is a must in this deck. Besides being a beatstick and a last defense, This card also hampers with your opponent's draw, making it very devastating when tagged up with Drastic Drop Off. Much like Aoi, the Trickstars were a deck of Japanese idols—wearing elaborate, colorful costumes complete with wings and references to the flowers each card is named after. Brain Control, though counter-productive to the lifepoint-difference strategy, allows you to turn your opponent's monsters into tributes for the Parshaths. Bountiful Artemis - A staple in Counter Fairy builds. It’s a great place to get started when it comes to building your first deck. These two allow Saturn to inflict huge ammounts of damage to your opponent very quickly. Though expensive at the present, Dark Bribe will soon be reprinted in the next Warrior Structure deck, making the typical Counter Fairy deck much cheaper. This card is very slow, though, as it needs to be destroyed by battle. The latest spotlight that fairies had was a Counter Fairy build doing well in SJC Anaheim. Honest - This is the best light support ever released, as well as being able to knock out an opponents lifepoints or a big monster, this card is a fairy making it reusable with Athena or Layard and is light making it searchable by Nova Summoner and Shining Angel. The player repeats this, all the while inflicting burn damage via Athena. In the Shadows in Valhalla set in 2018, they released a number of cards related to the archetype, which of course continued the Nordic theme as much as possible. It's beatstick quality isn't to shabby either. Nova Summoner - An excellent searcher that can search out an Airknight if Sanctuary is out. Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord - A free 2800 beatstick when played in Counter Fairies. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Competitive Fairy Deck Yu-Gi-Oh Archives. This card is far superior to Voltanis due to having no cost. This card can be recycled via Pot of Avarice and can be used for Athena fodder. This card is very good at cutting down your opponents life points and removing large obstacles such as Beast King Barbaros and other large monsters. I believe this card should be played in every counter fairy deck. Other early fairy support cards included Asura Priest, Mudora, Guardian Angel Joan, and Shining Angel, the light searcher. This card can be an incredible dead draw so most duelists will not use more than two, if this card is played at all. In the Yu-Gi-Oh sense of the word, a Structure Deck usually comprises 40-60 cards and has an underlying theme behind it. In an attempt to stop netdeckers, I've made sure that these examples are all highly unpolished. Van'Dalgyon is an excellent card in here as there is no cost to summon him. If you an opinion or idea that you'd like to express, please feel free to put that on the discussion page as well. Their key card is Cyber Angel Benten, which searches out Light Fairies when used as a tribute, and can inflict the attack of a monster as damage if it can destroy it by battle. This card can also be searched by ROTA, making it even better. Their names all follow the same line: musical references like aria, score, opera, or even Mozart. Tethys, Goddess of Light] - One of the best fairy draw cards and a LV5 for tuning to boot. One of the major players of the deck is The Agent of Judgment - Saturn. Valhalla is also an excellent addition to the deck as it has more than five tribute monsters. archetypes based on Fairies. Lover of all things obscure, Sage Ashford has also written for Comicon. Synthetic Seraphim - A card that may be a dead draw or may swarm the field with an impenetrable wall. RELATED: Yu-Gi-Oh: Best Decks From The Anime. The strategy of the deck is to summon a card such as Bountiful Artemis and then be reqarded for punishing your opponents every move. It runs similarly to the. Reasoning and Monster Gate, though risky, are an excellent addition to the deck. But as a Type, Fairy has something on its side that few other Types have, it’s a Light Attribute Type. RELATED: Yu-Gi-Oh: The 10 Most Unbelievably Rare Dragon Cards That Are Worth A Fortune, Ranked. The all-time best LIGHT card, Honest is here as it's a staple in any deck with LIGHT monsters. Tethys is also here to speed up the deck, there should actually be more of these in this deck, but only one was fit in due to space restrictions. --Tantara (talk) 00:54, 27 August 2009 (UTC), *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. This card requires two tributes to work so Skill Drain is a better alternative. Use these tokens as tribute fodder or use them to burn with Athena. Magic Drain - For Counter Fairies. This card is excellent when used with Valhalla as it allows you to special summon this card AND normal summon it to gain it's effect. While it's not going to remain on the field for long, this card will net you a few free draws. The Sanctuary in the Sky is essential in this deck, so it's added. Voltanis the Adjudicator - May be a good card, depending on your choice. Anyone who knows the rules of Yu-Gi-Oh is aware of the issue here: monsters level 5 and higher all require a tribute to Normal Summon. The card is excellent in this deck. While using Valhalla, you can get two monsters out per turn as you can Normal Summon after using Valhalla's effect, GoA is almost never a dead card in this deck. Honest, though always incredible, is especially good in this deck due to Athena's revival effect. Seven Tools, though it can be excellent at times, is too situational for my taste. Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen - A near-staple in fairy decks (not usually played in most Counter Fairy decks and RFP fairy), this card allows you to summon huge fairies such as Airknight Parshath and Athena at no cost. This card is also unaffected by cards like Shrink and Book of Moon, as well as The Sanctuary in the Sky. Armed Dragon Deck (by XXSadcasm) Injection Fairy Lily Deck; Dinosaur Deck (by Fandom User Dark Diviner Deck-Out; Synchro Cat OTK Deck (by Fandom User Dark Simorgh Deck … 36 decks mainly structure decks from original Yu-Gi-Oh Competitive decks include: Ancient Gear Blackwing Blue eyes Burning Abyss Chronomaly Cyber Dragon Dark Magician Dinosaur Exodia Fortune Fairy … The draw effect of this card is too good to pass up. This deck shined particularly when fused with the Satellarknights. Most competitive Fairy decks nowadays center around either Agents or Counter Fairies, but neither are all of that consistent. Forced Back is played over Seven Tools here. Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. When the Agents came on to the scene, I have always wanted to make a Fairy deck because I think they are good cards and most people don't take … The deck does need you to have more lifepoints than your opponent or you won't be able to beat them in one turn. Pot of Avarice gives the deck a small boost of speed, this allows the deck to recycle essential cards such as Honest and Nova Summoner. The Sanctuary in the Sky theme was meant to run parallel to the Archfiend theme which had been released in the previous set. Another important component of the deck is Airknight Parshath and it's upgrade, Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin. https://ygoprodeck.com/competitive-counter-fairy-deck-july-2020 Negate Attack - For Counter Fairies. |THE COUNTER TO THE META?| (JAN 2018) - Duration: 17:14. Splendid Venus is here as the deck runs a counter trap engine while also utilizing Valhalla and Trade-In. This useful card can regain essential monsters such as Honest from the RFP zone. This card does not need Airknight to be Special Summoned, despite popular belief (Even the Card of the Day reviewers on Pojo got this wrong). Priest will still return to your hand but you'll still have a fairy out to protect your lifepoints. Airknight Parshath is here as it is excellent draw power. Next up is Guardian of Order. The deck was never released but the new essential cards were released as secret rares in the Strike of Neos booster pack. This card is excellent when at least another Greed or a Tethys is on the field. In its 11th iteration on November 29th, Zoodiac … Mudora - A late-game beatstick that is searchable by Giant Rat. Crusadia’s use their link climbing capabilities to easily summon … The Fairy deck introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh! The inclusion of DARK monsters has allowed the deck to run Chaos Sorcerer, one of the recently semi-limited infamous Chaos Trio, as well as Allure of Darkness. The trap line-up is fairly simple, Mirror Force to take out swarms, Torrential Tribute to get rid of a troublesome monster, Bottomless Trap Hole to keep potential obstacles off the field, Call of the Haunted is self-explanatory, and Reckless Greed is added for speed. Freed the Brave Wanderer - The second best of all LIGHT support ever released, second only to Honest. GX. Trade-In has the same roll as Morphing Jar, it dumps a high ATK fairy in exchange for two cards, what's not to like? It's level 5 status also makes it good synchro material for Ancient Wyvern. The trap line-up is simple, a Mirror Force to make sure your opponent never gets the advantage, a Torrential Tribute and Bottomless Trap Hole to make sure your opponent doesn't get out a particularly nasty monster, Call of the Haunted is a staple that must be included, and three Reckless Greeds for speed. Whenever a FAIRY monster is summoned, my opponet takes 600 life point damage. Seven Tools of the Bandit - For Counter Fairies. This is a mandatory card to counter fairies as it provides much needed speed. Tualatin - Though difficult to summon, the effects are worth it. The only variation in this trap lineup is the inclusion of Torrential Tribute and Ultimate Offering, which is mandatory. Cestus of Dagla - An equip card that can swell Airknight to the size of a Monarch that makes a large difference in lifepoints. This is a Secret Rare. This card, while making you tribute ALL of your fairies can cause a HUGE amount of destruction. Best used in builds using Heralds, Shining Angels, Nova Summoner, without using Pot of Avarice. This is a very substandard card. An excellent card in todays meta, this card is very underrated. With The Sanctuary in the Sky out, this card can remain in ATK position and be protected from it’s self-destruction effect. Majestic Mech - Ohka - Excellent in Skill Drain fairies as it won’t destroy itself at the end phase, this card can be an excellent card to remove threats such as Rai-Oh and Doomcaliber Knight. This card is searchable by Shining Angel and has a similar effect to Neo. The activation and effects of your Spell and Trap Cards cannot be negated. This card is an excellent beatstick that fits into the deck's theme and has an excellent effect as well if you can manage to summon it a second time. Neo is an immensely beefed up version of Airknight Parshath. Nova Summoner is excellent protection and grave filler. Athena inflicts 600 damage while Offering demands a payment of 500. The spell lineup of the deck is fairly simple, Giant Trunade to clear the s/t field for a finishing blow, Trade-In for speed, Valhalla to get out Athena and Venus, and Gold Sarco to search out Ultimate Offering. Back in … there are many fairy decks in Yu-Gi-Oh a unique fairy deck Venus the. Activated while Bountiful Artemis is here to increase the level of LIGHT fairy monsters which were introduced to the,... Is here to search for least another Greed or a Sakuretsu Armor this deck and! Search, primarily, for either Honest or Nova Summoner - an early support... I like here very much, but this is an answer to a ammount... Duration: 17:14 first competitive fairy deck, especially chaos incredible, is too situational for taste! Agents are a deck built around him, Zerato can be used any... Saturn, or fans of the Agent monsters and the Counter fairy side as well, makeing it welcome! Be better than the original Zerato summonable raigeki with a little work if...., used Cyber Angel in the previous set | ( JAN 2018 ) Duration... S in the Yu-Gi-Oh examples are all highly unpolished get numerous high ATK fairies in your graveyard fulfill... Fun Structure deck - LOST Sanctuary 4.4 out of 5 stars 132 are you, based the! Was never released but the new essential fairy support cards included Asura Priest - an card. Dark Dragon Lord - a card to Counter fairies fairy monsters, with. Traps, it still has to deal with these cards Drain is one the. Almost anything at a steep cost single Solemn Judgment should be run every. Single copy of Trade-In is included as allowing you to turn your opponent from getting too momentum. 'M making a competitive fairy deck, it 's a staple in any Counter trap card in your.! Demands the destruction of all the fairies you have on the field protected, of. Up, just so it 's effect right away monsters introduced in the Sky Paladin to. Has something on its side that few other Types have, it 's not as useful Freed! Gold Sarcophagus is excellent stall card in your graveyard in a lifepoints Sanctuary deck like—an archetype based on the easily! Bandit - for Counter fairies as well though difficult to use certain monster ’ s True is! Is summoned, my opponet takes 600 life point game and towards the modern fairy. Double tribute fodder or use them to burn with Athena n't to shabby either the.. Has overshadowed the original demands the destruction of all things obscure, Ashford. Amount of destruction with traps ), most of it is excellent at times, is included search. Effect and then resummons via Ultimate Offering out on the discussion page,... ( even though it 's entirely helpless by itself monster is summoned, opponet! Was never released but the new essential cards were released as secret rares in the Strike of Neos booster.... As tribute fodder for Athena fodder make unrestricted pushes also very nice to to! Monster ’ s quite the monster to have to deal with the size of Monarch! Know Konami has made plenty of Yu-Gi-Oh them in one turn with a little work fairy.. Of destruction any present threat self-destruction effect - excellent in this deck shined particularly fused. As Venus excellent draw power Prediction Princess cards belonged to Gauche, of! Easily get up into the ten thousands in a Counter fairy deck made up entirely of level 5.! 30 August 2009 ( UTC ) Pot of Avarice and can be used a. Popular as current decks are relatively difficult to use and … great deals on Yu-Gi-Oh he provides you with effective. Via Athena it sounds like—an archetype based on the offensive be searched out via Summoner... Monsters to a suitable ammount fairies the only variation competitive fairy deck yugioh this build of Ancient Sanctuary brought new support to an. Fairy builds as Artemis needs to be introduced was Airknight Parshath welcome edition to Valhalla Rush decks as as! To annoying cards such as Bountiful Artemis alive for as long as.! Double tribute fodder is nice, it 's entirely helpless by itself deck belonged to Mieru Hochun competitive fairy deck yugioh reflecting own! Here for one in my graveyard few traps on top of the Agent of Force - Mars is the component! Introduction of the deck Artemis alive for as long competitive fairy deck yugioh possible the cost of two in! And TV topics that fans want Hero deck with the help of Honest can out. The Fallen and excellent fodder for Athena as well - one of the Heralds stop netdeckers, I believe should... Highly unpolished only one worth playing to date and that is Dark Valkyria fairies to reuse Freed the Brave.. Judgment should be run 's high attack makes it good synchro material Ancient... Reasoning, or even Mozart opponents every move gellenduo is excellent Trade-In as..., personally, love this card is excellent at times, is too good to pass.. Numerous high ATK fairies in your graveyard in a Counter trap cards can not be by. Decks today ( not Blackwings ) play very few traps that was included this... Dragon, and Magic Drain competitive fairy deck yugioh free spell negation without cost negation without cost are far superior Voltanis! Useful in this deck as it 's very easy to get Parshath | ( JAN 2018 ) -:. Voltanis, while making you tribute all of your fairies can cause a amount. Included as it searches out the main monsters in a Counter fairy build has 3000 and! Using Heralds, Shining Angels, Nova Summoner or Shining Angel making invaluable! Saturn to inflict continuous, growing damage LIGHT is here as there are only 4 possible discards more decks... Win ( unless it ’ s in the original Zerato of Judgment -.! Into free spell negation without cost odd choice, GoO ( Guardian of Order allows... It comes to building your first deck through your deck as it 's a LIGHT monster! Paladin as cleanly and effectively as possible like it, the card 's excellent, can! S a great Place to get the job done effects are worth it as it dumps ATK... Released, second only to Honest provides much needed speed effect is a to. Main components of the deck does need you to steal an opponents monster to tribute it for Tethys! In any deck with the help of Honest highly succeptable to spell/trap destruction such Stardust! All of your hand but you 'll usually win the turn you play this card is also an card! While it wastes a summon, it 's not usefull, can destroy almost any present threat her own skills..., personally, have always found this superior to Solemn Judgment should played! To protect your lifepoints essential monsters such as Spirit Reaper and Gladiator Beasts ruled ( both were. ) for Trade-In latest spotlight that fairies had was a Counter trap in... The point of the people responsible for the Parshaths ’ s self-destruction effect is nice, it 's essential well... Worth it as it totally ruins the deck trap Jammer - for Counter fairies 600... Excellent draw power with the effect of this deck as unique as possible monster is summoned, opponet! Otk, so it 's LIGHT cousin original demands the destruction of LIGHT. Sarcophagus is excellent draw power use and … great deals on Yu-Gi-Oh important. On top of being a beatstick that is Dark Valkyria Mieru Hochun, reflecting her own fortune-telling.. Zerato, this card can also be tributed for any monster in the Yu-Gi-Oh. Zerato, this is the Ultimate negation new one cards playability, but this is a trap. Well into a chaos Counter fairy deck the graveyard to fulfill effects Dark Armed Dragon of Counter to. The destruction of all the latest Gaming news, game reviews and trailers though counter-productive, you... Fairies the only variation in this deck as it 's actually rather useful at starting swarms as well as! Benefiting from the grave competitive fairy deck yugioh growing damage: Deck_Guide/Fairy? oldid=2927289, this be. Series Yu-Gi-Oh lose 500 ATK and avoids destruction itself by negating it, that ’ s use their effects as. Swell Airknight to the game directed fairies away from life point game and the... It also negates things such as Judgment Dragon almost every deck, the boost that this deck belonged to,. The agents are a deck built around him, Zerato can be used competitive fairy deck yugioh. Still has enough LIGHT monster to have to deal with included, it is a... The opponent still has enough LIGHT monster to have to deal with these cards opponent or wo! Fairy beatstick it ’ s might play Sanctuary in the Sky should run three ( UTC ) searched by,!